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Evangel Live in Tampa “Haiti Va Change” Live Video on Watch Now. Evangel for booking call: (813) 966-2914


Taking back for the Body of Christ the music that the world is using to sell beer, maintain mediocrity in motion and misdirect minds, is the ministry of Evangel Band through Evangel International Mission Inc (E.I.M.I). God’s impression on Evangel band began in 2003. Since then, the group has been joyfully proclaiming the good news of Salvation through Christ Jesus, worshipping Him and lifting His Name up. The Lord is using the songs that He gives to minister to hurting people, and healing the brokenhearted.

Over the years Evangel band has had the opportunity to share a Heaven-sent musical message that God really cares and can turn heartaches, trials, and tragedies into triumphs and testimonies, bringing peace, purpose and wholeness in Jesus. Colorful musical styling with something for everyone, God has continued to mold the Band into a unique ministry that is well received by people of all ages. Evangel represents the only Haitian gospel band that has performed Live on CTN (Christian Television Network). With the release of their 2006 album “Kraze Baka”, they already reach almost all their fans by Internet and through the radio and television stations all over the world. Their new and old music videos can be found on Yahoo Video, AOL Video, Google video, iTunes, CD Baby, MySpace,, PayPlay.FM and YouTube. To be precise, they are the big talk now in the South Eastern and North Eastern part of the United States, Canada and Haiti.

The masterfully arranged music tells a story as much as the lyrics do. Rich in expression and texture, songs are brought to life as they are sung with truth and passion. Musicians from different churches and background, bring a unique flavor to Evangel. The contributions of several amazingly talented professional musicians, experienced and successful, all combine to create a sound that is fresh with lyrical substance.

Evangel is a Contemporary Christian Music band consisting of members having numerous years of ministry, professional music, and performing experience. Their diverse musical style is suitable for audiences of all ages. The most awe-inspiring thing about Evangel is that their prowess as a band is only half of what makes the band such a respected, in-demand and mind-bogglingly busy group.

This amazing young Haitian Christian band from Tampa, Florida has won an array of honors. Six months after the release of their Kraze Baka album, Evangel has won the 2006 HaiMusic Awards for “Best Gospel Artists of The Year”. And recently in Philadelphia, their Dodomeya music video was crowned the “Best Haitian Gospel Music Video of all times”. They give God all the glory for their quick success and they thank all their fans for their prayer and support. In addition, their outstanding music video (Dodomeya) has been in constant rotation on BET Jazz (Black Entertainment Television), YouTube, Yahoo, Google, AOL video etc.

The musicians are as follow: Ricardeau Lucceus (Singer, Composer, Guitar, Studio Engineer), Dominique Rock (Singer/Background), Bethsy Plaisir (Singer/ Background), Frantz Benjamin (Singer/Background/Arrangeur), Claire St. Jacques (Singer/Background), Leonel Alsaint (Bass Guitar, Studio Engineer, Composer), Feronel Derival (Drummer), Falouth St. Juste (Congas), Alix Georges (gong/Percusion), Wisvrick Amisial (Keyboard/composer), Michelson Morissette (Keyboard).

Evangel has the opportunity to perform for and help a lot of organizations such as, “Musique en Folie”(Haiti), Club Creole (University of South Florida), Unlimited Gospel Explosion, the Youth Explosion in New York, Miami Kompa Festival, Orlando Kompa Festival, just to name a few. There have been very few Haitian Christian bands that truly embody the genuine, heart-felt passion for music in all areas, as has Evangel band. By boldly continuing to leave their mark in areas of musical performance, composition, education and advocacy, they are destined to be a force in music for decades to come. They ask all their fans to continue praying for the ministry.

As a band, Evangel has put their trust in Jesus to lead them into a victorious and completed Christian life. Their calling is to communicate their victory to everyone in song. “It is all about Jesus. The message of Christ and His deliverance not only resides in their songs, but in their hearts and through their deeds. Their slogan was found in the New Testament. “It is the spirit who gives life. The flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and are life.” ***KO-A PA VO ANYEN, SE LESPRI KI BAY LA VI. *** (John 6:63)


  1. Judner Chery says:

    Very comforting peice, this is greatly apreciated thank you.

  2. Michelin says:

    2013 la Ayiti nan men Seigneur a sel ki ka di yon mot souple. Jezi sel ka sove Ayiti

  3. Wow this was real nice I love the strong support with the cell phone effects you can see how everyone even other race is supporting Haiti this is just very touching.

  4. Lesner says:

    We will never forget January 12 2010. Haiti will rise once again

  5. Mwen renmen moveman sa le nou panse a peyi nou konsa that’s very positive.

  6. Wilner P says:

    God bless Haiti

  7. Mike says:

    You guys do a great job in this song no flaws I would say, the guitar player is great the singers and the dancer is fantastic. Overall I don’t see how it could have been better.

  8. Jean Michel says:

    Evangel always excellent in all they do. God bless you guys

  9. I love how this performance progresses, it start so simple at first with just the guitar player and two singers but later come the dancer the rapper and more musicians this is a brilliant idea and I think it deserves a lot of credit.

  10. Well done I love it.

  11. Louis Bonet says:

    Bon bagayyyyyy pou Haiti mwen renmen le jenes peyi a pa bliye zantray yo

  12. Duval says:

    Just what I needed to hear at this moment.

  13. Jocelyne LP says:

    Nice performance good job Evangel holding it down in Tampa Florida you’re amazing.

  14. Wanson says:

    I’m blessed by these words and hope full for my country to rise someday.

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