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Alabanza Live in Tampa Florida 2012 “Se Lavi” Full Performance Video for booking call: 561-502-5274



God gave this vision and call to Carl while he was still at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Carl and Rose-mai Joseph returned to Haiti and worked in Christian radio where Carl noticed that Haitian youths were not listening to the outdated Christian music. Alabanza was founded with the goal of providing a hip, fresh sound to thought-provoking, life-changing lyrics. According to critics, the songs are what sets Alabanza apart frpm other groups. The inspiration for the songs comes from everyday life and it’s struggles, and how our faithful God shows us mercy and grace.

Haiti immediately fell in love with songs like “Le late te san lanmou” and “Viens, prends mon corps”. Hits like “Emmanuel” became a template for worship and “Potre Bondye” became the first Christian song to land at #1 on the secular Radio Metropole’s “Hit Parade”. Few songs have had the success of “Se lavi”. There have been more dance interpretations to this song and it remains an ultimate favorite at concerts and festivals. However, many will contend that “Nan prezans Ou” is the one worship song that ushers them into the Holy presence of God.

When asked what is Alabanza’s secret to lasting 25 years, Carl replies that “Alabanza is God’s band.” Being obedient to God’s call and mission is not always the most prosperous, but it is the most satisfying.

“We are worshippers, and lifting up the name of God is our call to service!”

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  1. Natacha says:

    Se lavi I can never get enough of this song my favorite of all time. thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Suze says:

    It is a blessing to have Alabanza after all these years it is trully the work of God.

  3. Wilfrid says:

    I love all these songs Emmanuel, Le late te san lanmou and Viens, prends mon corps they will forever be my best hits thank you Alabanza.

  4. Joel Orelus says:

    Alabanza my favorite band may God bless them.

  5. I’m still dancing to this song after 25 years in existance this is a blessing for the band.

  6. Garry Junior says:

    I thank god for alabanza after so many years they are able to give us the gospel through music god bless alabanza.

  7. Evans says:

    Wowwww I love Alabanza so many great songs and nice performance guys.

  8. p Odenie says:

    I happen to be commenting to let you know that you doing an excelent job in the gospel community i’m greatfull to be able to watch all these video and specialy alabanza on here and may god bless you more and give you the strengh to do his ministry. Again thankyou

  9. Kiki says:

    25 years OMG this is older than i’am God bless Alabanza.

  10. This is very nice to see Alabanza playing one of my favorite songs I enjoy it thanks

  11. Alabanza bon bagay net

  12. Robenson says:

    Amazing performance I love to see Alabanza live 🙂

  13. Alabanza the best of all time I’m happy to see the band still hot. Don’t stop guys there’s no limit in praising the Lord

  14. Jocelyne says:

    Se laviiiiiiiii! still my #1 hit song in Haitian music.

  15. Megan says:

    Alabanza has made its name. Carly is truly inspired to do what he is doing with Alabanza. I love the group and have all their albums but I have never had a chance to attend a concert. I wish their manager can reach out to the promoters in my state to do a concert. Alabanza is quality hatian gospel music for all age demographics.

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