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This is a video by group Evangel in Tampa Florida at their pre-easter concert which they had with group Alabanza and 6to1. Evangel is currently the most active band in Tampa and is composed of many talented musicians and singers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Evangel, a full gospel band so far has produced two great gospel albums with over 15 tracks each and has released many high quality music videos to the gospel community. They mostly target the youth with their unique style of music and also in their events. They strongly support current events which are going on in Haiti specially after the January 2012 earthquake which brought the country to its knees.

This video was captured by during their concert which they performed right before group Alabanza took on the stage. The group is so talented that all the singers that do background vocals are also lead. They take turn on different songs which is a powerfull tool for the group when it comes to satisfying their audience. Sister Bethsy Plasir who lead this performance joined the group only about a year ago. Surely it was a long time coming as she does an excelent job in this song. Evangel can be booked by calling on this number (813) 966-2914. .


  1. Oscar Louis says:

    this song is very spiritually touching just what I needed to hear, thank you evangel

  2. Joel Orelus says:

    Excelent performance musically and texts good job evangel.

  3. I really love this band great talent for christ.

  4. Herby Alexis says:

    Well done by group Evangel i’m blessed. Keep it up Evangel

  5. Dickson P says:

    I really like the way evangel set up the combo segments in this performance the slow and the fast tempo. Excelent

  6. tres bel performance Evangel, I love it.

  7. Anthony says:

    This video blessed my soul thank you evangel

  8. Lesner j says:

    Nothing much to criticize in this performance, well done Evangel God bless.

  9. Gabby says:

    Very well played Evangel keep it up

  10. Josh Masters says:

    Evangel pi devan bon bagay net al kole

  11. Ti blanc says:

    I have this video on replay very good job guys

  12. This band is very talented and I really like the vocals too.

  13. kiki says:

    very touching performance very nice

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